Will your kit work with my existing carburettors?

Will your kit work with my existing carburettors?

This really depends on the carburettors. We offer several different kit styles that each use different carburetors, so if you have the correct carburettor then yes. However we do not  modify kits to work with non-standard carbys. This is essentially a custom solution.

Draw-through AMR500 kits

The draw-through AMR500 kit is designed to work with a 40mm DCOE or DHLA side draft carburettor. The carburettor will need to be set up to work in this configuration.

If you purchased a kit supplied with this carburettor these modifications are already done, however final tuning will still need to be undertaken by the end user.

If you want to use your own carburettor, full details on how to perform the modifications are included in the documentation supplied with the kit, along with specs on the baseline tune.

Budget kit
The budget kit is designed to work with the S&S Shorty style carburettors


Blow-Through AMR500 Kits

The blow-through version of our AMR500 kit works with dual carburettors or throttle bodies such as IDF’s, DRLA’s or ICT’s.

The standard setup runs at about 7-8 psi which will be fine with a standard carburettor in this configuration. However if you want to run higher boost pressures you may need to look at boost prepping the carburettor.

Boost prepping involves adding shaft seals, uprated gaskets and increasing fuel delivery capabilities.

The fuel delivery system will also need to be uprated for a blow through system and a boost referenced fuel pressure regulator used.

Vintage / 36hp style kits
These kits are designed to work with a 34 pict 3 carburettor

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      The throttle wheels are pre-fitted to the weber DCOE carburettors we supply and are available to purchase through our store if you want to purchase them separately. Throttle wheels are not supplied in kits that do not include a carburettor.