Will your kit work on my engine?

Will your kit work on my engine?

The AMR500 kit is designed to work on the later style of upright engine (40hp -> 60hp engines) up to capacities of up to 1776. It is unnecessary to modify the engine internals when running moderate boost.

There’s a few internet sites that claim the AMR500 will work on larger capacity engines. Whilst the kit will indeed work on a 1915 we do not generally recommend this as you will need to exceed the MAX RPM of the AMR500 blower to make any useable boost. We generally recommend 1776 as the maximum capacity for the AMR500, although we have had several customers with installations on 1835’s that have reported good success.

We also manufacture a kit for earlier 36hp engines. (Engine case with integrated generator stand). This kit can be supplied with a variety of different carburettor solutions dependent on the use and capacity of the engine.

For larger engine capacities we offer a solution using a centrifugal type blower. This blower can support engine capacities of up to 3 litre / 300hp

We are current in the process of developing a kit for the Type 4 engine, this is aimed at late Type 2 owners or other vehicles that use a Type 4 engine with pancake cooling.

We are also happy to undertake custom work.

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