Will my cam work with your setup?

Will my cam work with your setup?

Any cam will work with our kits, the correct question to ask is what cam works best?

For optimal performance we don’t recommend any other cams other than our own, the reason is that N/A and Turbo cams are not optimal in a blown application.

N/A cams have too much overlap (the time when both inlet and exhaust valves are open at the same time), this means that you waste a lot of boost straight out of the exhaust pipe.

Turbo engines have a large restrictor in the exhaust (the turbocharger) and so you end up with a much higher port pressure on the exhaust. To compensate for this differential pressure, turbo cams have split duration valve timing. Unfortunately the split is the opposite of what you need for a blown application which has a higher inlet port pressure.

This is why we developed our own blown grind cams. To maximise the available boost for blown applications.

If you do decide to use your existing camshaft then you should also find out what compression ratio your engine was set up with. Generally N/A performance camshafts are installed along with an increased static compression ratio to raise cylinder pressure which on a normally aspirated engine is where you make extra power.

However, with a blown application it is the blower that increases the cylinder pressure, so if your static CR is too high to start off with, then adding boost will cause your dynamic compression ratio to be far too high which will result in detonation and potential engine damage. As a rule of thumb you want a static CR of no more than 8 - 8.5:1

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