What size blower and carburetor do I need?

What size blower and carburetor do I need?

Blower choice is determined by your engine capacity, its maximum rpm and the amount of boost you want to run. 

The following table is a rough guide to help you select your blower when using our standard kits. 

Engine CapacityBlower Type
1286AMR300 / AMR500
1915+SC14 / Procharger

We recommend 1776 as the largest capacity for the AMR500. Increasing capacities above this reduces the amount of usable boost.

Carburettor choice is largely a personal preference. The DCOE carburettors require deck-lid standoffs when installed on a bug but they offer the best performance and value for AMR500 based setups.

The HSR and S&S carburetors do not require decklid standoffs but do not flow as much as the DCOE. They are a good choice for smaller engine capacities. The HSR / S&S carburetor size needs to be matched to the engine capacity as they do not have interchangeable chokes, whereas the DCOE can be tuned to suit a range of engine capacities.

Dual blow through setups require additional engine management such as ignition and WMI to manage the detonation risk caused by the higher intake temps you get with blow through. Trying to retain your existing dual carburetors when moving from N/A to blown will actually cost you more money than switching to a side-draft kit and buying a new carby.

All of our carburetors are supplied with a baseline tune that will get your engine running. From there you can then dial in the tune for your engine. Despite what internet experts may tell you, it is not possible to determine exactly what jetting a carburettor requires for any given engine combination, any suggestions given are a compromise at best as they are just ballpark values or regurgitated from some online jetting recipe. The only way to tell EXACTLY what tune YOUR engine needs is to dyno tune it. Period. This is why we recommend that you dial your tune in properly. If you have access to an AFR meter and a long steep hill, we can advise how to undertake tuning yourself without needing a dyno.

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