What is the general discussion on legality of having a charger on for road use?

What is the general discussion on legality of having a charger on for road use?

This is something that you. would need to check with your local jurisdiction. Generally as with any modification it would likely need to be inspected and approved. Modification assessment is usually output power related. – i.e. any increase in power needs to have the same increase in braking & handling.

In a bay Kombi it’s pretty easy as it has a similar output to a Type 4 2.0 so you can use 2.0 (late) brakes and you’re most likely fine. On other vehicles you would most likely need to have the brakes tested and possibly lane change manoeuvres carried out. These requirements will differ from country to country.

In all cases an engineers report would need to be prepared and submitted. My best advice is to speak to an engineer. In Australia you can find a list of approved engineers on the relevant state motor rego site. In other countries you would need to check with the registering authority.

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