Remote dashboard apps

Remote dashboard apps

We recommend MS Droid as the best allround remote dash app to use with our products.

MS Droid offers user editable screen layouts which can be custom configured for landscape and portrait orientation. You can also combine several differnet screen layouts and swipe across to access them as required.

MS Droid also offers access to all tuning parameters and MAPs so you easily tweak your tune on the go without needing to have access to your laptop. You can also generate data logs that can be viewed in Megalogviewer

All of our ECUs will work out-of-the-box with MS Droid

If you do not have access to an Android device, MobiSquirt is an IOS based remote dashboard app that can be made to work with our ECUs.

The big caveat here is that due to the way that Apple devices work, our standard bluetooth communications modules will not communicate with IOS. The solution is to use an optional WiFi module instead of the bluetooth module, this does however complicate the communications process and set up.

MobiSquirt does have user configurable guages but the screen layout is fixed.

If you are an IOS user (as I am too) our recommendation is to consider buying a cheap Android tablet to use with MS Droid as it is far superior in every way.

If you are a PiDash user, our ECU’s can be connected via bluetooth, or optionally by request we can fit a Wifi Unit. Provision is also available for connection via USB cable. please discuss options prior to ordering.