Is the ECU pre-programmed?

Is the ECU pre-programmed?

All of our ECUs are shipped pre-programmed and bench tested.

If you have purchased an ignition or EFI kit, the ECU is tested along with the loom and sensors, essentially as it would be installed in your car.

Crank pulleys and crank  trigger sensors are mounted on a special test rig which spins the crank pulley to generate the trigger signal. Injectors are connected and tested and coils are even connected to spark plugs.

The entire system is test run to ensure that it will work when installed on your engine
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    • What ECU programming software do you use?

      Both our EFI and Ignition ECUs use Tuner Studio, the same software as Megasquirt so it is widely supported by many dyno shops. Our EFI kits can take advantage of some of the great features such as autotune and are supplied with integrated wideband O2 ...
    • Is heat an issue?

      Heat is not an issue, we regularly get 40+ degree days here in Australia and our test engine is installed in a heavy bus loaded with camper gear. We’ve never had an issue with overheating. We always recommend that an external oil cooler is fitted to ...
    • Do you include the throttle wheels in all of your kits?

      The throttle wheels are pre-fitted to the weber DCOE carburettors we supply and are available to purchase through our store if you want to purchase them separately. Throttle wheels are not supplied in kits that do not include a carburettor.
    • I did not get a response to my ticket / enquiry

      We always try to answer all tickets in a timely manner and generally answer most customer enquiries within 24 hours. If you have not received a response within this time, then chances are that the reply has ended up in your spam folder. Please add ...
    • How do I fit the trigger sensor?

      Our EFI and Ignition systems use the same custom sensor and sensor mounting. Fitting and alignment are simple to carry out. The trigger wheel is zinc plated 3mm steel and is designed to fit the rear of an aftermarket style pulley. The pulley will ...