I have X,Y or Z Carburettor. Can I buy a kit that works with it?

I have X,Y or Z Carburettor. Can I buy a kit that works with it?

All of our kits are designed around a specific carburettor and blower combination. If your carburettor is the same as that used by our kits, then yes you can use it. We offer variants of all of our kits that do not have carburettors included specifically so that you can use your own.

If you have a carburettor that we do not currently use in one of our existing kits, then we are happy to undertake custom work to make a kit for you.

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    • Will your kit work with my existing carburettors?

      This really depends on the carburettors. We offer several different kit styles that each use different carburetors, so if you have the correct carburettor then yes. However we do not  modify kits to work with non-standard carbys. This is essentially ...
    • How much does product X, Y or Z cost?

      We offer a range of different kits that are optionally supplied with or without major components to allow you to save some money by sourcing your own parts. The kits are available to order with or without superchargers, carburettors or EFI systems. ...
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    • Do you include the throttle wheels in all of your kits?

      The throttle wheels are pre-fitted to the weber DCOE carburettors we supply and are available to purchase through our store if you want to purchase them separately. Throttle wheels are not supplied in kits that do not include a carburettor.
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