Do you have product XYZ in stock?

Do you have product XYZ in stock?

Our inventory system is directly integrated with our web store. The stock status of products in the web store is always current. 

When a stocked item is out of stock a small icon will appear on the product listing photo to show that the item is out of stock.

If you wish to receive an automatic notification when a product is back in stock, click the 'Notify Me' button on the product page and submit your email address in the popup form.

When the item is restocked you will receive an email
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    • How much does product X, Y or Z cost?

      We offer a range of different kits that are optionally supplied with or without major components to allow you to save some money by sourcing your own parts. The kits are available to order with or without superchargers, carburettors or EFI systems. ...
    • Where is my order?

      If you have not received your order in a timely manner we are really sorry, please accept our apologies. There may be several reasons for this, but don't worry, we have not forgotten you, you will definitely receive your order it is most likely just ...
    • What are your cam specs?

      Unfortunately cam specs are not available to the public. We provide basic cam specs in the product listing but actual valve timing is not published A cam card is supplied with each cam to assist you with dialling it in.
    • Which of your kits permit to close the engine deck lid?

      The following products fit under the stock decklid on a VW Beetle AMR500 Budget kits AMR500 Side-draft kits if used with an S&S Carburettor AMR500 Dual blow through kits AMR500 Vintage kit (just) Centrifugal blower kits
    • Do you accept payment via PayPal or direct transfer?

      Yes, we accept both PayPal and direct transfer. If you wish to pay by direct deposit, simply select the  direct deposit during the checkout process. Please consider that access to support and product documentation will not be granted until payment ...