Can you recommend an installer

Can you recommend an installer

Unfortunately we do not have any recommendations for installers. We supply products all over the world and it would be too time consuming to maintain such a list. The only recommendation that we can make is to post in the forums to see if other customers can recommend an installer in your area.

Generally speaking when selecting an installer you need to look for an aircooled VW specialist who is experienced with building performance engines. Whilst this sounds contrary to what we state on our product pages (i.e. that anyone with half a clue can install it) What we have found in practice is that most general mechanics do not want to follow the installation instructions and prefer to do things their own way, which is often incorrect. So using a performance aircooled VW specialist means that they will have a better understanding of the requirements and are less likely to get unnecessarily creative.

It is worth noting that we are happy to work with your installer to provide help and advice on installation but please note that this service is offered by pre-arrangement only. 
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