Distributor trigger unit for Ignition and EFI

Distributor trigger unit for Ignition and EFI

We are working on some new ECU trigger options to make installation and setup of our ignition systems easier. One of these solutions is a trigger unit that replaces the standard distributor.

This type of trigger is self contained and is a simple swap...
  1. Remove your old distributor
  2. Install the new trigger unit in its place (along with the rest of the ignition system)
  3. Statically set the timing
  4. Dial in the timing using Tuner Studio OR a timing light and you are good to go.
Final fine tuning of the timing can be done either in Tuner Studio or for those who are a little more technologically averse, you can simply use a timing light and not even need to touch Tuner Studio at all. This will hopefully make this kind of technology more accessible to those of us who are are a little more 'old school'.

As the unit replaces the distributor it can be fitted to any engine that uses a standard Bosch / VW coil. Which means that the wait for a trigger wheel solution for your particular car / engine is now over. This setup will work on any 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engine that uses the same style distributor. For example 356's, 411's, Type 3's, Late bays, 911's, etc...

Another benefit is that as the trigger unit operates at cam speed it gives the ignition system to possibility of running in sequential mode. This means that our standard wasted spark style coil pack can easily be upgraded to sequential CNP / COP should you want.

The trigger unit can also be used with our EFI ECUs to provide the additional cam sensor signal required for sequential injection. 

The trigger consists of a hall style sensor with 24-1 trigger and is specifically designed to work with Speeduino firmware which supports missing tooth cam wheel triggers. 

Theoretically it can be used to drive our EFI systems as well negating the need for a crank trigger, but more testing will need to be done to validate this.